Good coverage: Sometimes cover songs are better than the original

I’m a sucker for badly sung covers of popular songs. I remember discovering Grum Lee’s now defunct website of purposefully bad acoustic covers sung with a French accent and thinking it was terrific. The site is dead – but Grum lives on, immortalised in YouTube…

Here he is singing a Dandy Warhols number.

The reason I post this is because I just watched this video Dave Miers posted today of a kid on a ukelele murdering the lyrics to that annoying Jason Mraz song.

2 thoughts on “Good coverage: Sometimes cover songs are better than the original”

  1. Oh, that was on sunrise this morning. I stared at it for fifteen seconds, trying to figure out why on earth it was newsworthy. Then I realised the kid was playing the ukelele. I was too distracted by his no-better-than-any-other-three-year-old-and-possibly-worse singing talents. He should have just played for the video.

  2. That kid is totally awesome!! (and well good at the Uke). he certainly highlights how it's often impossible to understand the lyrics of pop/rock singers. I'm interested in the the development to singer/songwriter, where a songwriter may not have particularly good vocal skills is none-the-less obliged to sing it, and a 'cover' is kind of a dirty word. I 'cover' Mozart all the time. The singer-songwriter / covering idea seems to assume that there is one 'official' interpretation.

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