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UrbanTrend: Shoot to snooze

Some alarm clocks don’t require complete cogniscience to turn off, or switch over to snooze – this one will take more hand eye coordination than I’m capable of until slightly before midday. It won’t shut up until you score a bullseye.

UrbanTrend: Fruity idea

People are always trying to taste fruity traces in their espresso – that shouldn’t be too hard with these DIY shot glasses. A trace of apple maybe?

UrbanTrend: Beerdometer

Ever wanted to track how many beers you’ve had. Ever. And how many you’ve doled out to others. Perhaps you’ll need two of these. One for you, and one for your friends.

UrbanTrend: Let the word dwell in you

This post will no doubt see me excommunicated by the Southern Baptists. Oh well. I’ll drink to that. From my awesome bible flask.

UrbanTrend: Get the party started

Always be the life of the party with by bringing disco to every context. Life is better with disco. Maybe. Try this hat and let me know.

UrbanTrend: cardboard cut out

Gambit was always my favourite X-man as a child. And I was never sure how to recreate his flying cards of death. Cardboard just didn’t cut it.

These would cut it. Just about anything in fact.

UrbanTrends: Wake up cross

Here’s a clock that’ll keep you alarmed but probably not alert. First of all it sings Amazing Grace to you. Then it will read you a random bible verse.

It’s also tastefully printed with “The Prayer of St Francis”.

UrbanTrend: a knife’s throw away

I suspect UrbanTrends is going to give worldwidefred a run for its money in little sister number 2’s books. She declared worldwidefred her favourite site yesterday. And yet here we are, looking at a different site – probably worthy of a rival series of morning posts. So for the next nine days they’ll go head to head. Starting with the coolest knife block ever. Cooler than the voodoo knife block.

I always said that if I could be anyone in the circus I’d be the knife thrower. And now I can practice at home.

If your bench doesn’t have room for a fully fledged knife throwing block – how bout the set of matching steak knives as an alternative