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Want an iPad but prefer a tactile experience? Don’t want to pay for a MacBook? These reconditioned USB typewriters from etsy are interesting if not practical.

Did I mention that they’re $US700.

Mix it up

This seems slightly pointless – but it’s a nice little piece of design.

Mix tapes were cool. If you’re feeling a pang of nostalgia you can buy one of these tape like cases for a USB drive and put your favourite MP3s on the stick.


Mmm, handburger…

I’m going a bit crazy having not had McDonalds since July. So crazy I might almost buy one of these hand warming mousepads even though I live in the tropics…

A wee little man

There are pointless USB devices and then there are USB devices created by Japanese USB company Thanko.

Thanko will never be devoid of USB ideas because they’ve veered well and truly away from the path of the practical and into the realms of the completely bizarre.

And so, in this tradition, I give you this urinating USB fountain – complete with a one litre water tank (a significant portion of your recommended daily water intake).

Do with it what you will. I suggest you don’t buy it. But if you want to you can go here.

I found this here.

Quit your USB jibber jabber

I pity the fool who doesn’t want this ab crunching Mr T USB drive. Or one of the other Rocky III inspired ab crunching USB drives for that matter.


These are awesome. There are a number of Mario Characters available… the base and the drive are sold separately. You can get them here.

Hub cap

There should be a maxim when it comes to USB hub designs – “just because you can doesn’t mean you should”. Let me show you what I mean. Here are eight USB hubs that should arguably never have been invented – and one bonus one within the list that I’d actually buy… see if you can pick it.

  1. The stone
  2. The potato
  3. The Tulips
  4. The Conch
  5. The Hearts
  6. The Strawberry Chocolate Cake
  7. The Grapes
  8. Lego
  9. The Nautilus Shell

Most unpointless USB drive ever

You know what this is? The most awesome USB drive ever – even cooler than the guy who turned his finger into a thumb drive… it’s a shuriken. For your ninja themed office.

It’ll only set you back ¥10500 for 2GB of storage and comes with this warning:

Please note that this product is not a “real’ Shuriken, and cannot be used as such, also we would like to remind you that this product may be dangerous due to its sharp edgez and MUST be handle with care.

Bran-ded data

Cereal and computers don’t mix. Trust me. I’m speaking from experience when it comes to mixing milk and circuitry. This guy has found a way to turn this all into a winning formula

More than meets the eye

This is a nice USB drive/Transformers tie in. I would like one, but they’re $42 – which works out at $21 a GB.

Best of the web

You know what the world your desk needs more of… Spiderman merchandise. Not just any old merchandise. Functional USB merchandise. Here are four “must haves”* for your cubicle.

A Spiderman Lamp

A Spiderman missile launcher

A Spiderman Can Fridge

A Spiderman Panic Button (will throw up a picture of Spiderman on your screen)

Most of these were found at Foolish Gadgets – all of them are pretty silly and available in alternate but equally marvel-lous versions from the retailer.
*If you’re a Spiderman fanatic or work for Marvel Comics

10 stupid USB Devices

You can put a USB connection on just about anything – even an amputated finger – and there are so many USB devices around that the “universal” is becoming a literal description rather than an indication of ubiquity. Here’s ten USB devices that should never have been made. Let alone sold.And where to buy them.

  1. Dance Dance Devolution
  2. Air conditioned neck tie
  3. The ChatterBot – this one needs describing.

    WowWee™ Chatterbots are fantastically fun animated computer accessories to have on your desktop. These collectable, highly stylized character figurines always have something to say about what you are up to — and it’s not always appropriate! Each Chatterbot™ features a unique personality and a signature animation. Connect directly to your Mac or PC using the included USB cable, then listen and watch as your Chatterbot entertains you with its unpredictable stream of jokes, dialog, and comments about your virtual life.

    And an image…

  4. An Airconditioned Shirt
  5. A USB roll up piano keyboard
  6. A USB stress ball that will cause your screen to respond
  7. USB powered ugg boots
  8. USB Rubber Chicken (you have to make it yourself following these Spanish instructions)
  9. Stupid USB digital photo frame
  10. Stupid USB hubs – of all kinds – particularly the Teddy Bear variety…

YouSB 2.0

On Sunday I made what I thought was a flippant reference to a completely improbable idea – the idea of including a USB in your prosthetic digital replacement. Turns out it’s been done. In real life. By this cyborg guy:

Wow. Found on Hackaday.

Cheque your emotions

My hatred of emoticons knows no bounds and has been documented previously. They are bad. They are for lazy writers – they are an exclamation mark taken to a new low. So the idea of a USB keyboard dedicated to emoticons just makes me feel empty inside. Those who are interested may like to know that they can be removed from the keyboard and worn as jewelry.

Bajca’s (the company) designer says:

Bajca’s idea arise from connecting deeply the virtual with the real life. Bajca is the instrument that ” make real” the emotion- a digital translation of every sensation- telling the story of everyday life; spoken, touched and wearn every day.

I say :(. No word yet on how much these will set you back financially – socially they’ll be crippling.