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One of my fav books is now a movie: How To Sharpen Pencils

This is a seriously good book. You can read some stuff about it if you like. So I’m thrilled that it is also a movie.

A guy who bottles ships talks about ship bottling…

I’ve always wondered how these work. Not just how they get them into a bottle. But some of the other really microscopic engineering…

It’s a sign (painter)

This looks brilliant. Mind you. I enjoyed the movie “Helvetica” – which was a documentary about fonts.

There’s a swear word. Consider yourself warned.

SIGN PAINTERS (OFFICIAL TRAILER) from samuel j macon on Vimeo.

There’s also a book.

You’ll yawn. You’ll laugh

Funny that both these are contagious…

LAUGHS! from Everynone on Vimeo.

Yawns from Everynone on Vimeo.

Toy soldiers dancing

I enjoyed this.

Vimeo streams really fast on the iPad. On my Mac it puts the stop into stop motion…

How bike wheels are made

I love this sort of thing.

Building a wheel from Scott Meleskie on Vimeo.

Ninja movie shot with flying camera. Just cause.

From the description:

“We shot this video to demonstrate the capabilities of our OMCOPTER drone.
It showcases its ability to fly into buildings, close to actors and into high altitudes.”

Does it do that? You be the judge. All I know is that it features ninjas, and the camera man was a remote controlled helicopter. Both these things are awesome.

A sandcastle driven stop motion shot on a mobile phone

Descriptive titles are all I’ve got the brain matter for today… but this is impressive.

Gulp. The world’s largest stop-motion animation shot on a Nokia N8. from Nokia HD on Vimeo.

Some info (from here – where you can also watch a making of)

“The new film, Gulp, tells the simple story of a fisherman who gets swallowed by a larger predator. It was shot entirely with the Nokia N8 phone. “Strapping the device to a 40-meter high cherry picker on a massive expanse of beach with gale force winds seemed like a good challenge for the smartphone,” says David Bruno, a creative at Wieden + Kennedy London which created the spot along with directing team Sumo Science, from animation studio Aardman, and sand artist Jamie Wardley, from sand and ice sculpture specialists, Sand in Your Eye.”

Timelapse in High Dynamic Range takes things to a new level


Timelapse: Glowing man in Tokyo

Love this…

Handiwork: Nice video (series) of people working with their hands.

I’m keen to see this series develop, because this first piece, a look at Carpentry, is pretty cool.

The time traveller’s life: the sad truth about time travel gone wrong

This made me laugh.

Via Pete’s Tumblog.

The Fictional Food Chain

Feed your imagination, and feast your eyes. Why don’t we call this your dose of inspiration for the day.

Everything is a Remix Part 3

Dalai Lamer: Today Show host now a viral sensation thanks to bad joke

So the Dalai Lama walks into a TV interview and the interviewer tells him a joke about a pizza shop. And becomes a viral sensation.

I like Karl Stefanovic, and I think it’s hilarious that this little bombed joke is making its way around the Internet, despite what the SMH says a lot of clever blogs are laughing with Karl. Especially because he is essentially laughing at himself.

What I don’t get is the enduring popularity of the Dalai Lama. Buddhism has great PR. He’s just an old man who doesn’t really stand for anything. And he smiles a lot. A few years ago I made this video. Before YouTube was around. So I put it online today.

The Dalai Lama Singing Don’t Worry Be Happy from st.eutychus on Vimeo.