Water, water, everywhere…

Wow. What a storm. We just survived the craziest ever drive from Brisbane to Dalby. It rained. It poured. The old man snored… when we left college this afternoon the gutters almost kidnapped my thongs (as in footwear). A soaked walker asked to use my phone to call for a lift. You may have had enough of water for today. I haven’t. You may also have had enough beautiful timelapse photography. I haven’t.

So there.

Good water use

Last time I posted something pointing out how awesomely unsustainable the use of water in production of coffee is people jumped up and down screaming and we ended up talking about the plight of battery hens.

Here’s another picture from Good (click it for full size) highlighting how coffee is not the worst of the bunch, and suggesting giving up steak as well. Greens arguing for not eating meat… that’s original.


I hate the Greens. And the environmental lobby group. Which is a good thing – because not only does my coffee machine produce the carbon emissions of say a motorised scooter – drinking coffee is the least sustainable environmental exercise around when judged by water consumption in production. That is pre-cup production too.

From the Economist:

“A cup of coffee, for example, needs a great deal more water than that poured into the pot. According to a new book on the subject, 1,120 litres of water go into producing a single litre of the beverage, once growing the beans, packaging and so on are measured.”

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