Good water use

Last time I posted something pointing out how awesomely unsustainable the use of water in production of coffee is people jumped up and down screaming and we ended up talking about the plight of battery hens.

Here’s another picture from Good (click it for full size) highlighting how coffee is not the worst of the bunch, and suggesting giving up steak as well. Greens arguing for not eating meat… that’s original.


U can’t be intimating that we drink less coffee, are you ?!

Nathan says:

Nope, just suggesting we should care less about the environment.

Amy says:

See there you are with the generalisations again…

Green doesn’t equal vegetarian…

But we should be chomping down on skippy rather than daisy if you wanted to be finicky.

queenstuss says:

No, I read the chart. Green means not bathing.