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Stellar Service

Link blogger Jason Kottke made a bookmarking service that feels a bit like Twitter but is better than the new Facebook (which seems to just consist of people sharing semi-lame web comics and pictures that used to belong on Tumblr – has anybody else noticed this?). Kottke’s service is called Stellar. And I’m on it. And it’s great. It’s like the web being curated by people who have taste. Or something. I’ve posted a fair bit of stuff here that I’ve found there. And you can follow my stream (the stuff I share there – by favouriting elsewhere). I think it’s at a Beta stage where you request an invite still – but my invite came about 2 hours after my request. So get on board. And let me know.

Honest Logos: The truth behind the brands

There is often a dissonance between what a company wants its brand to be and what its brand actually is. Your logo is not your brand. Your brand is what people think of you when they see your logo…

These are some “corrections” of famous brands.

There are a few more here, where I found them.

Cool stuff from Google

Google put together this presentation of cool stuff from around the web. I’ll no doubt blog some of it – but if you want an advanced screening and haven’t seen this yet check it out.

A bunch of links – March 19, 2009

What’s wrong with this soap?

Nothing. It’s got bacon. In fact, it’s made out of real bacon.

Here’s the step by step guide.

Pizza by numbers

Want to make your own logically tasty Sudoku pizza? Here’s how.

A bunch of links – March 18, 2009

YouTube Twosday: Segway segue

Lets face it. Despite my constant references to the gyroscopic personal transport device Segways have not taken the world by storm.

Perhaps the underlying technology was just not used to its full potential. Maybe. Just maybe. Someone should have considered how much more awesome a segway would have been were it based on an octopus. With tentacles instead of wheels. What do you mean someone has already done that?  Why are all the good ideas taken? It’s called the Cajun Crawler – and here it is in action…

A bunch of links – March 17, 2009

Rub a dub dub

Here’s something for all the Psycho fans out there – turn your shower cubicle into a crime scene with this bath mat.

Complete with bloodied footprints. Just 15 pounds. Bargain. Found here.

Mind map

Apparently in the past you could visualise the relationship between different streams of science by tracking the references and citations in scientific journals.

You got something like this:

Now, because most scientific journals are posted online research has been conducted into deeper, broader connections between journals. Using the method described here:

“Over the course of 2007 and 2008, we collected nearly 1 billion user interactions recorded by the scholarly web portals of some of the most significant publishers, aggregators and institutional consortia. The resulting reference data set covers a significant part of world-wide use of scholarly web portals in 2006, and provides a balanced coverage of the humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences.”

It’s only really interesting because it produces a picture like this…

Kevin Kelly simplifies the research methodology into easier to understand terminology.

“Instead of mapping links, this new method maps clicks. The program reads the logs of the servers offering online journals (the most popular way to get articles today) and records the clickstream of a researcher as they hop from one article to the next.”

YouTube Tuesday: Super Smashing Pumpkins Brothers

The Smashing Pumpkins have been one of my favourite bands since Ben introduced me to them in grade 11. He incessantly talked about them. They were impossible to avoid.

Super Mario Brothers is one of my favourite games of all time. How can you not enjoy taking the guise of a plumber and running around a world full of walking fungus and drain pipes filled with treasure?

So combining the two is pure awesomeness.

No Beard? Darn it

I’ve always wanted a beard. I mean, who wouldn’t. Shaving is a pain in the neck. But alas, unlike my facially hirsute father I am follicly challenged on the lower part of my head rather than the top. But now, thanks to the miracles of modern knitting technology “I can hast beard”… and can even order a moustache to match every occasion. I give you. The Beardhead.

Interior Design: Putting the pieces together

Robyn loves a good puzzle. So no doubt if she had her way our house would be decked out with this sort of classy furniture. They’re available for an unspecified but no doubt expensive price from here.

Me, well, apparently I’m a nerd (or a geek) so I’d be more likely to deck our place out with these chairs of retro gaming awesomeness. Pacman eat your heart out.

A bunch of links – March 16, 2009