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Wedding invitations taken to new level

I’ve posted some cool wedding invitations here in my time – none cooler than this one. A couple of geeks programmed their own Marioesque invitations and sent them out on CDs. Their friends had to play through the level in order to receive the details of the nuptials. They could choose to play as either the bride or groom.

Here’s a video of the invite being played (and you can download the actual invitation (link to .exe file) if you want to invite yourself along)…

Via here.

Going to the arcade, and they’re going to get married

This is a pretty nice wedding invitation rendered in 8-bit glory. I like the “insert coin” bit. And the binary bit.

Via here.

Sadly the binary is incorrect. If they’d wanted to say “Will you marry me?” with the answer “yes.” they should have had:



You can make your own binary using this binary to text converter.

Inviting debate

This post was dumb. I’ve decided to delete it all and replace it with two¬† lists.

Five things not to do if you don’t get invited to something

  1. Feel sorry for yourself.
  2. Act like a jackass.
  3. Use the particular function as a dipping stick to assess the rest of your friendships and relationships.
  4. Assume that you should have been invited to begin with.
  5. Assume that everyone else has the same approach to things that you do.

What you should do instead

  1. If they’re your friend you should be happy for them even if you’re not going to be at their event, if they’re not then why do you care?
  2. Send a card.
  3. Invite them to your next thing.
  4. Invest more time and effort into the relationships you value.
  5. Don’t act like a jackass.