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Message to flies: DELETED!

I hate flies. It gets me in lots of trouble. Particularly when I kill them using my bare hands. It’s easy when you know how – and here’s a high tech study into the matter… and a tip from an expert:

“You shouldn’t swat where you see them. You should anticipate that they’re going to jump away from you. So you should extend your swat in the direction of the fly’s anticipated motion.”

Anyway, here’s a new little product from Fred and Friends… it’s sure to save me some troubles next Christmas lunch.

Penned up agression

One of the lesser known perks of my job is the number of promotional pens I receive – I’m not at med student levels – but I certainly receive enough to keep me jotting down notes all year round.

Or at least I would, if people weren’t always stealing them from my desk. It’s enough to give one a dash of pen rage. This set will stop them… They’re designed by World Wide Fred – and available from Perpetual Kid.

Our daily Fred – a plate to improve your smile

Ok, so yesterday I said the whole “Our Daily Fred” was over for a while. I lied. I saw this today and couldn’t resist. The idea is that you’ll never go anywhere with that awkward bit of food stuck between your teeth again.

Our daily Fred: Pac-ing more into your baking

These Pac-Man oven mitts are perfect for handling all your awesome Pac-Man baking. Like these most fantastic (and no doubt delicious) examples…

Our daily Fred: Leaning tower of piazza

This heading only makes sense assuming you know that Piazza is a brand of coffee.

And now you do you can drink happily from the leaning tower knowing you get my awesome pun.

Our daily Fred: Salt’n’Pepper

What are the essential ingredients of a good novelty kitchen? Novelty salt and pepper receptacles of course. And here’s a selection…

These ones take the manual labour out of the equation with a self shaking mechanism.

These ones take you back to square one and form the building blocks of the essential dining experience.

These ones will help you get the formula for your dinner party just right.

This one brings the Twitter experience to your breakfast table.

And this one adds weight to any dinner discussion.

Our daily Fred: Ice is nice

Some ice is nicer. Like ice made in these – click the image for the link.

And if you want an ice cold shot – but don’t want to cram your shot into a shot glass larger than 30mL you might want to try this:

Our daily Fred: eye want candy

If you’re not convinced that Fred and Friends are the producers of the coolest range of product range available on the interwebs then maybe you should take a lolly from this bag jar, and sit back. They just get cooler from here.

But all that lolly munching will be costly to your teeth – so you’ll need to go to the dentist. Who’ll no doubt be storing their own stash in something as innocuous as this… sweet tooth.

Our daily Fred: The breakfast edition

Two products for today’s email – they’re not sold as a set but will no doubt bring countless minutes of joy to your breakfast routine.

By the way, did you hear the one about the little burnt cornflake?*

Here’s the milk jug… in a convenient half pint size.

And now, the cereal bowl – remember, no crying over spilt milk, but how could you if the spillage was permanently capture in such a stylish fashion.

*I can’t tell you the rest this time… it’s a cereal.

Our daily Fred: Coaster to coaster

These coasters are a sure way to make dinner party guests feel comfortable – hopefully not too comfortable or you’ll be cleaning up after their spills for days.

This bad boy’s even got a built in bottle opener.

UrbanTrend: a knife’s throw away

I suspect UrbanTrends is going to give worldwidefred a run for its money in little sister number 2’s books. She declared worldwidefred her favourite site yesterday. And yet here we are, looking at a different site – probably worthy of a rival series of morning posts. So for the next nine days they’ll go head to head. Starting with the coolest knife block ever. Cooler than the voodoo knife block.

I always said that if I could be anyone in the circus I’d be the knife thrower. And now I can practice at home.

If your bench doesn’t have room for a fully fledged knife throwing block – how bout the set of matching steak knives as an alternative

Our daily Fred: Leave it to cleaver

More awesomeness from Fred and Friends – a knife/chopping block combo in the shape of a cleaver. It’s such a cleaver idea.

Our daily Fred: On a knife’s edge

Fred and friends have produced some pretty amazingly cool products – I’ve featured a number of them before – and now, in a special series of posts I’ll be sharing my favourites from World Wide Fred

The Evidence Knife

Ahh… It’s a trap

No it’s not. It’s a cheese knife and cutting board set. Shame it’s not actually for sale. I’d totally buy one. They’re available here. I’d love to buy one. And then my wife would totally make me give it to someone as a present.

Found here.

The guy behind the product design has some other cool ideas.

Like this.

And this.

Update – it turns out a lot of the really cool ideas I’ve linked to before were designed by this guy and the company he works for – worldwidefred.com – you can buy their stuff from Amazon and a host of other novelty kitchen suppliers. Like here.