Ahh… It’s a trap

No it’s not. It’s a cheese knife and cutting board set. Shame it’s not actually for sale. I’d totally buy one. They’re available here. I’d love to buy one. And then my wife would totally make me give it to someone as a present.

Found here.

The guy behind the product design has some other cool ideas.

Like this.

And this.

Update – it turns out a lot of the really cool ideas I’ve linked to before were designed by this guy and the company he works for – worldwidefred.com – you can buy their stuff from Amazon and a host of other novelty kitchen suppliers. Like here.


Madd says:

Ok your blog is more awesome than i have given it credit for. I will even let you quote me saying that when advertising your next entry. This guy is brilliant. Face plates…so simple, but so clever. And the salt shaker is fantastic too, and the cheese knife, and all of it!