for those of you who care…

…there are now links to my 1 Peter studies on in the column thing on the right of the page.

At this point I would compliment those observent (or observative – it should be a word shouldn’t it Simon (I believe I had a similar conversation with RJB or CB on this topic as well. )) enough to notice.


Mark says:

geek tip 3458004:

PDF files are better than office documents for files you want to view rather than edit/amend. In this case that may not be critical, but is a consideration.

You can install Cute PDF Writer and print from MS Office (pretty much any windows app) to PDF.

If you use the free OpenOffice from, you can save .doc files direct to PDF.

Nathan says:

I can do it from work too. I figure if anyone wants to use them ever it’s better off giving them something they can amend.

Nathan says:

speaking of bible studies… are you taking Garnet’s group this week Mark? would it be too disruptive if I dropped in tomorrow night?

Steve says:

Well I’m sorry to say nathan you can not play soccer this weekend. Unfortunately there is no game due to the long weekend. I’m sorry i can’t do much about this.

Look forward to seeing you this weekend and i challenge you to a game of table tennis.

Mark says:

Matt Smith is on this week, I’m doing the next 2.

As for too disruptive, I don’t think so – if you are I’ll tell your bible study group, so there. We’re up to Romans 6 if you’re interested in doing any prep.