Nothing Eggsiting

Haha… A pun, and an Easter pun no less – what a way to start this week’s post. I just had my first Easter Long weekend away from my family (unless you count the time I went on Easter camp, which I’m not – I was within 150km and I still got eggs). I guess my hope for chocolates to be posted was unfounded – unless they’re still in the mail. What sort of parents let their children go an Easter without eggs. My parents, that’s who. The kind of parents who spend Easter on holidays on the Sunshine Coast.

My Easter long weekend was good – in a productive kind of way. I achieved something major on each day – as well as doing the church thing on Friday and Sunday. On Friday I installed a new car CD/MP3 player in my car – albeit with the help of a qualified electrical engineer – I got him to help just in case I blew up the unit which would have been a waste of money. On Saturday I went to a breakfast de-brief session for the Da Vinci Code mission team at AFES staff worker Dave Walker’s house. I spent most of the day entertaining the Walker children and putting up a post for the Walker’s new deck area. Chris, if you’re reading this – Dave says I remind him of you – or something like that. I’m worried that he thinks we have a similar sense of humour. On Sunday I confronted all my fears and led the singing in church – something I haven’t done since my voice broke (except this one time for a Qut Christians service). I’ve decided I’d rather MC, preach or do stand up comedy – anything up the front is less intimidating than songleading – I had about 20 minutes to practice 4 songs. I think the difference between singing and other stuff up the front is that you only really get one bite of the cherry. When I MC I’m happy to make mistakes and then redo them – there’s just no scope for that in the middle of a song – you can’t resing a line. So that was Sunday. Yesterday I did my laundry and played indoor soccer – one of those was a very painful process. I’m in so much pain today. I’m walking around the office like a robot. In my defence we did play two games (we lost both of them after winning 14-1 last week we’re just trying to make it hard for the competition organisers to grade us).

So there you have it – nothing exciting as promised in the title. I bought a copy of the new Augie March CD yesterday. I can highly recommend it. It’s on high rotation in my car – unfortunately this means I’m driving slow, mum says the speed I drive at is modulated by the pace of the music I’m listening to.

To all the netball commenters (or commentators) out there – go get your own blog. GOSH.


louise says:

And there I was at Caloundra thinking the Easter Bunny would find you in Townsville. If only there wasn’t a ban on keeping bunnies in Queensland the world would be more predictable at times like these….oh well Happy Chocolateless Easter!!
Love Mum

jo says:

Hey you bought Augie March…cool….since you are family i dont think it is quite so illegal to burn CDs as long as one person in the family owns it. I would love a copy if you have the time and inclination to do that for me please. I can even send you a self addressed envelope!

Gran says:

Another hello from Gran in Inverell. She wishes she could come in to use the computer more often because your blog is so entertaining.

Nathan says:

How cool am I – three generations of women from my family have posted comments on my blog.

Anonymous says:

Now all you need is some non-family women and you’re set!

btw – I’d rather sing in front of a crowd than talk…

Andrew says:

oops, that was me.

Nathan says:

I guess that’s because you’re a trained opera singer. I on the other hand sing in my car, the shower and the privacy of my bedroom – this’ll teach me for singing loud enough to be heard in church.

chris l says:

don’t worry about the comparison. I’m much funnier than you.
Iron on knee is so funny.

daniel says:

Chris – you’re spending too much time with a particular member of your staff!

Maddie says:

Did you have to audition to sing at church? You probably did…i bet you used the video of you playing Oliver Twist in grade 5….AHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA. then again…they let you sing so obviously you didn’t show them that.

maddie says:

Oh yeah…and what is with those netball chicks, using this site like a memo board…i mean seriously. But btw mel, if your there, i was just wondering if you could pick me up for the tomato brothers dinner tonight?

Maddie says:

Today i have a sick day off work. Because i am SICK, not sick of work, just sick. And i’ve just had a brainwave…why set up mmy own blog when i can leave bloggish like messages in nath’s blog spot comments zone…it would be a complete waste of time. That is why i am starting a new phase called “blog bludge” or maybe “Blogment” or “Bloq Squatter.” Yes i will be a blog squatter. Im illegally using someone elses blog turf for my own personal blogging. Amazing, yet brilliant. Because i know people come here and read the comments…so they will have to read my blog too. But i doubt they’ll read it if i write huge “comments/blogs” so the trick will be for me to write lots of little short comments, which when compiled will make a complete blog of my life. I’m the smartest blog squatter ever.

maddie says:

Please excuse the spelling mistakes in my last blog squating comment…how embarrasment. Anyway, easter weekend was fab. Sorry about the lack of chocolate in the post…but i sent you a bunny taped to a post card…maybe the postman thought that was illegal or something cos i taped its legs together so it wouldn’t jump away…i will try again. Maybe a bilby this time?

Aunty Jenny says:

I haven’t read anything yet, but I’ll leave a comment anyway. I’m not sure that I count as an extra generation, but at least I’m related and female.

Anonymous says:

Netty girls would like to announce another triumphant win tonight, congratulations! Also, the team would like to thank our raging supporter for cheering us on, great work.

Anonymous says:

Hey guys, is anything happening tomorrow night?

mel says:

Hey Mel here.
When people leave messages – especially ones for me or the nettie girls. Please leave your name so we know who its from. Messages specifically left for me could be started with “Dear Mel” or “Dearest Melissa” you take your pick. Over and out

Aaron says:

hahahhaha you remind dave of Chris! That’s not a good thing.
funnily enough dan, Chris had his sense of humour before Rodney came back. Next thing you know, nathan will be talking about the cash value of synergy.

Anonymous says:

Don’t tell me you’re a Napoleon Dynamite fan too.