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Well, well, well… that of course is the answer to the question “what did the oil baron say when three new oil deposits were discovered in Iraq. The US of course simply said “Fire the torpedoes”, which was pretty useless because Iraq only has a very small coastline and there are much more effective ways to blow things up in Iraq. Strapping explosives to your chest seems to be one way… that’s not really funny is it. Not at all PC.

There’s not really much interesting stuff to write about today, owing to the fact that I spent yesterday in Charters Towers. It’s a hole. Or a series of them. Mostly because it contains a lot of tunnels left over from the gold mines. It is however, one of North Queensland’s premiere tourist destinations – attracting history buffs from all over the country. So if you like history it’s worth a visit. Or if you like meat pies. I’m sure it has plenty of redeeming features.

Today I took mum, dad, and Susie along to an Indy car roadshow thing in Townsville that I had to go to for work. There was lots of burning rubber, lots of noise, lots of girls in Indy outfits, and lots of the types of guys who enjoy those sorts of things. Then I went to WOW and bought a new screen for my computer… and more importantly, the new Muse CD. I’m impressed. I was worried at first. But it’s very good. It’s nothing like any of their old stuff. But Matt Bellamy is still the coolest front man strutting his stuff on stages around the globe.

That’s about it for this episode – be sure to check out the thoroughly politically incorrect ramblings at that other blog…


mel says:

So if i went and bought muse, it wouldn’t be a waste of my money? I’m not too sure about how they are sounding lately..

Phil says:

Buying MUSE would never be a waste of your money, Mel. The first half of the album is particularly impressive. And even though as a single “Supermassive Black Hole” feels a little weird, it fits well into the flow of the album.

I’m surprised they didn’t make “Starlight” the single – and as for “Knights of Cydonia” being the US single, well, I don’t know if that works. I don’t think that song works on a number of levels. For one, theologically – “Come ride with me, through the veins of history / I’ll show you a god who falls asleep on the job”. And “god” doesn’t even rhyme with “job”.

Not as epic as Absolution, I thought. If I were a first time buyer/listener of MUSE, I’d start with Absolution or Origin of Symmetry.

miriam says:

49 – nil. Go you good thing.

RJB – your thoughts on the game?

Mark says:

On another topic:

Use of video replays in Soccer.

As I understand it, FIFA objects on the basis of ruining the flowing nature of the game, and watering down the authority of the ref.

How about each team captain having the option of requesting 1 decision be reviewed on replay in a game. Once used, it’s gone, no matter who was right, and whatever happens later in the game.

That means the ref is not constantly after replays, minmising interruptions to the game and challenges to the ref’s authority, but providing teams with a chance to request a second opinion on a critical decision if they feel it’s warranted.

It could still be abused – as a time-waster for a few minutes break to bolster a flagging team – but what do you think of the concept?

Mel says:

Not sure if you have heard this already.. but it made me laugh. Not sure if it is insulting for Phil or not. At latechurch last night Garnet announced that Phil E. “Is the new Nathan”. This came up after Phil asked yet another question at Latechurch. Good on ya phil! I can never think of any good questions. So Nathan – how does it feel to be replaced?

Thanks also phil about the Muse advice – think i may get it after all. Anyone got the Matisyahu (?) CD – cos i want to know if that is worth purchasing also. Nath – you are meant to be “up with modern music”.

donna says:

My purchase of the new Muse album has left me $22 poorer, but very very happy. :)

jo says:

The only thing going for muse is that Matt Bellamy is kind of good looking except those photos when he is too skinny and then he just looks like a guy with anorexia

jo says:

Why do people want to listen to depressing music anyway? isn’t there enough to be depressed about without it?

and why is every tin of tuna packed in Thailand?

madd says:

OH! Mel…i think that was a question for ask mel…so i will answer it on behlaf of you. Well. there were 2 questions actually. Why listen to depressing music? Well, i guess if people are feeling happy and need to fake cry on stage depressing music would be handy. Or they feel sad, and what to know that other people feel sad to they listen to depressing music. But apart from that i think it stinks (unless it sounds good) There are so many other better, more cheerful things to listen to. But im not sure there are already things to be depressed about- Always Look ON the BRIGHT side of LIFe. NOw, to the more important issue…why is tuna always packed in Thailand. Well my answer is because thats where the tuna packing factories are. Im not sure how simpler i can make that. Maybe thats also where the people live who work in the tin tuna packing factories. Or, thats where the tuna go to to be packed into tins. All these answers are quite appropriate.

Shara says:

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Sara says:

Hey Shara

What’s with that website? I especially liked how this site provides the opportunity to peruse tattoos, or find catholic singles all in the one place… quality

Nathan says:

I don’t think Shara is a real person.

Which is a shame, because it’s the nicest thing anyone has said about my blog in a long time.

Nathan says:

Anjaka suggested you visit the same site on the previous entry… I don’t know Anjaka, but he/she seems like a nice guy/girl.

Tim says:

The name for a tuna packing place is called a Cannery. They are normally in third world countries e.g. Thailand, PNG, Adelaide because then they can pollute as much as they want and nobody cares. But they have to get their cans from somewhere so the place as to be mildly industrious and have tuna and no regulators to check for dolphins. Interesting note- there are a few tuna companys which claim to be dolphin free but appear to contain whale. Yes made in japan but apparently mixed up a shipment. I dunno about you but i’ve always been able to differenciate between a Minke and a yellowfin.

jo says:

Thanks for your answers with regards to the tuna question Tim and Maddie. Do you know if it is really safe to eat it? Or do you think my blood stream will now be full of heavy metal from years of tuna consumption?

Tim says:

That a very Good question Jo. I think as long as Tuna do not start listening to MUSE then you are safe. It is a funny one because we’ve overfished the tuna in heavily populated areas thus the only tuna that go in are small ones and small ones haven’t had as much time to build up heavy metal contamination

Nathan says:

If I eat enough fish, and get mercury poisoning, can I become a human thermometer?

miriam says:

Nathan. I’m not sure you really want to be a thermometer. Mum’s years of nursing resulted in us (as children), having themometers shoved up our backsides. Apparently it gives quite an accurate reading.

Tim says:

I’m not even going to go there… But if you can’t dance- take high levals of mercury- it will give you the ultimate dance party moves.

Nathan says:

I feel like partying right now Tim… do you?

Mark says:

***WARNING*** Political/Social Justice/Economic content may follow

SMH article about copyright

Found the quote from Bill Gates quite amusing really.


Joel says:

Blog request:

I would like you to write about the misuse of the word ‘literal,’ and about how ironic it is that the word literal has lost its literal meaning. It really annoys me when I head comments on A Current Affair stating that “These are literally the tenants from hell.” Anyway I would probably write something about it but I won’t for two reasons: 1. I’m much to lazy and you clearly have more time on your hands than you know what to do with anyway, and 2. I’m not good with this english stuff like you are.

Joel says:

theres that good english of mine; I actually “hear” comments, I don’t “head” them as I previously mentioned.

madd says:

Joel, I would literally Love to write about that. It is terrbile the way we abuse our own language. Its literally bein’ teared to pieces (exhibit 1). And it is extremely ironic that the use of “literally” has become non-literal. But what can we do about it? Well, i guess we can literally start using it literally. So, A Current Affairs, unless those tenants were actually the devil, then i guess you’d have to say they are literally really really bad and messy tenants. However Joel, as you can see, it doesn’t have the same effect. So, the other option is to replace the word “literally” with other words which, instead of meaning literal, mean are like, or is like, so make it a metaphor/simile. So the tenants are like demons from hell. Or “its like having people from hell as tenants”- still intriguing, and not a lie. Now, I’d like to raise another issue. The i before e except after c law…IT DOESNT WORK!