Google launched a browser today – Chrome. Pretty exciting. I’m using it right now. To type this email in my gmail to send it to my google blog.

Should I be concerned? So much of my life is tied to google – what if that “don’t be evil” maxim they celebrate actually is just a facade. Maybe Google is the precursor to the robots that took over the world in the Matrix… 
If this worst case scenario does end up being true – then at least I’ll go down in a blaze of blue and white efficiency blended with usability, utility and usefulness. It’s worth checking out. Just google it.   


3 thoughts on “Chroming”

  1. Does that mean google now owns this blog post? I thought I read somewhere that in the small print it says that anything you do through chrome gives them the ownership of your intellectual property… could be wrong though..

  2. Good point! Though I’m sure most of the stuff that goes through blogger be merely “mental property” rather than intellectual ;)

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