Lost in space

If your investment banker was spending an inordinate amount of money on three trips to space in the middle of a “global economic crisis” would you change banks? His name is Per Wimmer, he’s lined up to be the first space tourist. He runs an investment bank.

From his own website – which one can only assume is autobiographical:

In brief, Per Wimmer is a global financier, an entrepreneur, an adventurer, a pioneer and a philanthropist – or, as a commentator has argued, a true “Indiana Jones meets 007 James Bond.”

Yeah, I’d trust a renaissance man like that with my money. If I was a fictional character. Seriously, fiscal responsibility is the new black.¬†Opulence¬†is out. That’s why, in Townsville I’d choose these guys – who have the worst ads and uniforms in the region, over these guys who spent last year building an extravagant office space – and losing their over leveraged clients an average of 17%.