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How to give Melbourne something to play for

So the Storm are thinking about appealing the decision to not allow them to earn points this season. Fair enough. I have an idea that will add drama to the Storm’s season and give them something to play for. Put them on negative 30 points. Let them play for the standard two points per game. But make it double or nothing. If they don’t reach 0 points by the end of the year, kick them out.

Storm in teacup

So the Melbourne Storm were cheating the salary cap. Hands up who was shocked by the news that a team boasting so many representative players was rorting the salary cap…

No hands?

Didn’t think so.

I guess this makes the Might Manly Warringah Sea Eagles back-to-back champions.

Lost in space

If your investment banker was spending an inordinate amount of money on three trips to space in the middle of a “global economic crisis” would you change banks? His name is Per Wimmer, he’s lined up to be the first space tourist. He runs an investment bank.

From his own website – which one can only assume is autobiographical:

In brief, Per Wimmer is a global financier, an entrepreneur, an adventurer, a pioneer and a philanthropist – or, as a commentator has argued, a true “Indiana Jones meets 007 James Bond.”

Yeah, I’d trust a renaissance man like that with my money. If I was a fictional character. Seriously, fiscal responsibility is the new black.¬†Opulence¬†is out. That’s why, in Townsville I’d choose these guys – who have the worst ads and uniforms in the region, over these guys who spent last year building an extravagant office space – and losing their over leveraged clients an average of 17%.