A rather smart casual dinner dress

If you’re a fan of Black Books – like me – you’ll no doubt be thrilled to know that Dylan Moran has a movie out fittingly called “A film with me in it“, because that is perhaps the only reason anybody is going to watch it. And I will. But I digress. Black Books has pretty much disabled any YouTube embedding of clips from the show – which is a shame. But one of my favourite moments from series one episode one is when Bernard turns his accounts into a “rather smart casual dinner jacket” – if you were a woman looking to date someone in a jacket like that you’d need a matching outfit. Like this one.


Amy says:

You get points just because you mention Black Books.

Which we have now bought by the way, so your intended wedding present is finally successful.

Hard to find cinemas where this movie is showing though. Only on for four days here at the Powerhouse, that’s it.