All quiet…

Simone hasn’t posted since Monday. Stuss has posted just once this week, while Ben has posted just once today. Izaac has posted twice. Tim and Ben ( once. The usually reliable Craig has posted only nine times this week. The man known around these parts as “The Moff” (I saw somewhere that someone called him that to some consternation) – has posted four times.

Amy and Tim are off to a promising start with six posts since Monday. Ali, who I missed out in the last little round up post, has posted three times this week…

Maybe the threat of traffic induced by this post and all the other bored desk jockeys out there will cause these people to update their blogs soon…

And the rest of you… what are we procrastinators to do?

Commenting would be a start. Lets talk.


Izaac says:

Uni is back, so I have started the marathon which will end mid-September, thus blogging moves a few pegs down the priority ladder. However, I typed a few things down this morning which I might just get back to now…

Izaac says:

Actually, that should read “The marathon that ends mid-December”

Amy says:

There’s this horrible thing called work that gets in the way of the blog post.
But I will see what else I can come up with.
It would help if you actually commented on some of my posts. At the moment it feels like I am talking to myself (not that there is anything wrong with that).

Jeff A says:

I hope I didn’t offend Justin (with the Moff descriptor – assuming it’s my post you’re referring to)…he didn’t seem to indicate as much in his comment on the post!

Nathan says:

Hi Jeff,

Nice to have you commenting.

I’ve only virtually met Justin – but I’m kind of hoping he embraces the Moff thing.

my thinking was ‘a picture of a witch with some ewoks is worth five standard posts’.

queenstuss says:

Don’t worry. I’m fixing that problem today.

Ali says:

Thanks for this acknowledgment Nathan. The threat sort of worked! Went away for a few days last week, and for the rest of August time doesn’t seem to be on my side, but we shall see …