I’ve never been a Jane Austen fan. I have no desire to relive the Elizabethian era or glamourise a time where a man in posession of a fortune may be in want of a wife. Unless of course the glorification of said time were a gorification – complete with brain eating zombies. Everybody loves a brain eating zombie romance. It’s what made Shaun of the Dead so appealing. From memory it was marketed as a Rom-Zom-Com – a Romantic Zombie Comedy. 

I was no doubt scarred as a child playing too much “Horror Zombies From the Crypt” (download from abandonia) on the Amiga. 

But what’s all this about zombies you ask? Particularly because I started off talking about Jane Austen. Oh yes. If you would prefer Pride and Prejudice retold with the awesome upgrade package – namely zombies wreaking havoc throughout the plot – now you can. Thanks to ThinkGeek.


Oh. My. Gosh. That is very, very awesome. I also love the look of that amiga game.. I haven’t played that, but I used to love agame called Dark Castle on the mac. Gold.

Nathan says:

Hi Ben, nice to see you commenting here. I would join a blog book club reading this book – I really would. Consider that a challenge. I guess you could also tick off that long held aspiration to get into Jane Austen… zombies make her so much more accessible.

Amy says:

It’s not a real book I’m afraid.
BUT it is going to be a movie.

Amy says:

I was totally wrong actually. Blame Kelly, she told me it was a movie.

Kelly says:

I have to defend my name. I didn’t tell Amy any such thing–she made it up.