Beginners guide to taking over the world – foreword

Are you tired of reading those so-called self-help books that leave you no better off than you were before you bought them, worse off in fact, for having spent the $19.95 on a book that promised the world but delivered nothing?

Have you been suckered into forking out your hard earned dollars for products that had attractive packaging only to find that the product inside fell apart after one use?

Are you sick of politicians taking advantage of you, making promises they can’t keep, all the while filling their pockets with public funds, money that should have been spent on hospitals and schools?

Do you want to do something about it?

Well here’s the book for you.

World domination is not easy. Many people have tried to rule the world. Few have succeeded. Those who succeed are immortalised in poems, songs and statues, revered by many and laughed at by none. Those who failed are despised, ridiculed and often end up dead, evil despots seldom live long lives.

Taking over the world is obviously not an easy task. There are snares that many would be world leaders have fallen into, hurdles that others have fallen at after strong starts and obstacles to overcome at every turn.

This is a seven step guide to any would be monarch, guaranteed to at least set you on the right path to glory and unimaginable power.