Bowing to peer pressure

Everyone is writing soppy lists about their spouses. Simone started it. Soph, Ben, and Amy followed.

They want me to join in. I thought about it. I commented on Simone’s last post saying these lists were gay. I didn’t mean gay in a good way.

I thought about writing a list of things I don’t like about my wife (she steals the blankets)… I would have written a list like “I hate that she just has to look at me and I immediately agree with her”… but then I thought it would be all too similar to a Heath Ledger movie. And he’s dead, so I can’t say nasty things about him or his work.

I thought about making my list satirically soppy filled to the brim with gory details. We all know how I feel about oversharing and this whole trend treads perilously close to that mark.

But here, because Ben said I was a big girl’s blouse if I didn’t, is a list of things I love about my wife. So here are ten things. It’s not an exhaustive list.

  1. She loves God.
  2. She loves me.
  3. She is cute.
  4. She is funny. And laughs at my jokes.
  5. She encourages me.
  6. She wants to serve others, but also is prepared to tell me when I’ve over committed.
  7. She is mega-organised (and I am not).
  8. She will provide any children we have with athletic genes so they won’t run last at school.
  9. She likes coffee.
  10. She started posting here again because I told her that I like it when she does.

Amy gets points because her list about Tim is 20 points long.


Amy says:

It isn't oversharing if you would happily say to to someone in conversation (and I would be happy with saying anything from my list).

It shouldn't ever be oversharing to say you love your spouse. As long as there is no cutesy-wootsy anything involved.

Ben McLaughlin says:

Commenting here suddenly feels too complicated for my small brain, but I'll give it a crack.

Well done for stepping out of your blouse and manning up. I'm proud of you.

Next step, a post about your favourite flower, and a follow up post which is a Victorian poem about said flower which you have sourced. Must include a pretty illustration of said flower.

Will you accept the next step to true manliness, that is the question.

Amy says:

He should be wearing a pink shirt while composing the poem though. With evidence.

Nathan says:

Complicated? No way. It even updates in real time.

Nathan says:

It's not oversharing to say that you love your spouse. It can be oversharing to say why.

Like if I said I love that Robyn cleans out the gunk between my toes…

Mikey Lynch says:

Good job, Nathan. Nice post. Betcha she loved it :-)

Amy says:

That indeed would be oversharing.

But I was very careful to not offend your delicate sensibilities.