Can K-Rudd hear me

Some time ago I posted a link to one man’s audacious bid to be heard by google. Can Google Hear Me won the hearts and minds of millions. Including Google – who were interested enough to take this man’s journey to the next level.

And now – following news that the Federal Government will now trawl critical blogs I ask the question. Can Kevin Rudd hear me?

It hasn’t taken long for people to make a connection between trawling blogs for criticism and the clean feed/blacklist campaign – particularly because the Government’s own media release listed’s criticism of the blacklist as one of the examples the Government’s beady eyes were watching.

I have said several things about the Ruddster and his ability to make even the most clear things unclear through erudite obfuscation. That was Rudd speak for using simple words in a complicated way so as to make things impossible to understand.

Kevin, if you’re here, and you can hear me – of if your staff are and they can – let me know in the comments. Perhaps you’d like to give me a job making your unclear communication clear.

Who knows. Perhaps you’d like to read through all the things I’ve had to say about you in the past.




Craig S says:

Hey Nathan, thanks for this stuff, very interesting.

Can you email me please on


Amy says:

Let me just say this *lick the lips*, I acted swiftly and decisively to swear on TV for the maximum attention of working families.

You probably need to have lots of tags involving his name. I can help.
Rudd. Kevin. K-Rudd. Krudd. Kruddy Rudd. Kevie.

Amy says:

I have tried to get replies from him before – on his ‘personal’ email on his website.
Just got a lackey response. Most disappointing.