Cardboard Boxing

I like pugilistic endeavours. I haven’t really gotten into the whole Ultimate Fighter thing. But I would (watching not participating). If I thought my wife would let me… that’s neither here nor there.
Did you know that there’s a “Cardboard Tube Fighting Championship“… no? Well now you do – thanks to here. And it looks awesome. Here’s the official site. Anybody want to organise one in Townsville?


Tim says:

Oooh, I’m so jealous, I wish we had things like that here. I would so be there.
How can you not be into the UFC? They’re only up to the 110th event and the 9th series or something?…

Goannatree says:

i love their little shields, how quaint! :P
I guess John Eldgridge was right, all men are “wild at heart”

the dude in the first photo is definitely that crap singer james blunt