Coffee by the Numbers

One of the perks of my job is the quantity of industry publications that land on my desk for me to read. This month’s FoodService – a journal for hospitality businesses – includes some facts and figures about coffee. I thought I’d share them with you… they’re from BIS Shrapnel’s Coffee in Australia 2009 – whatever that is…

  • 64% of Australians aged 11 and above drink coffee.
  • 65% of coffee drinkers drink instant.
  • 31% drink a cappuccino
  • 21% drink a flat white
  • 20% drink a latte
  • 10% drink a short black
  • The “food service” coffee market in Australia is worth $435 million – this is the value of the market that the food service market buys it for – I assume that’s not including dedicated coffee houses.
  • The “fully automatic” coffee machine market is worth $270 million a year – which seems odd given the market itself is only worth $435 million.

Milk Facts

  • 52% of consumers drink full cream
  • 19% drink semi skim
  • 22% drink skim
  • 3% drink soy
  • 14% are hardcore and don’t have milk

Purchasing Rationale

  • 70% purchase coffee for pleasure
  • 51% purchase on the basis of flavour


Amy says:

The over 11 thing is a little scary…

queenstuss says:

I can’t imagine a lot of eleven-year-olds would be drinking coffee, they’d probably prefer coke. That said, I have a two-year-old who loves the coffee grounds at the bottom of my cup, and would much prefer the froth off the top of my latte than his boring old babycino.