Different strokes

I am back. Camp was good, more on that shortly.

But first things first – I was reading through my unread items in Google Reader and game across these gems – right next to each other.

Two media organisations reporting on the same set of circumstances with vastly different interpretations of the facts:

ABC – Ex-Sharks Player denies involvement in sex scandal

Fox Sports – Former Sharks player Daniel Ninness admits role in group sex incident

In fact – both stories report almost exactly the same statement from Ninness – without making any editorial judgment on his stance, except in the headline.

How is this so?


Leah says:

I guess it comes down to their definition of “involvement” and “role”. Obviously the ABC has decided “involvement” means actually doing something (which Ninness apparently didn’t do), while Fox has decided “role” means simply being present, or associated with the incident. Which Ninness apparently was.

queenstuss says:

If I was still teaching English I would keep those two articles.