Downward mobility

How many mobiles have you owned? Me, I’ve had six (plus my two current iPhones). That’s a lot. But I didn’t really feel guilty until now…

Via here.


Gordon Cheng says:

Greens are kind of pushy aren’t they?

I’d be more inclined to support some of the things I’m told to support if there wasn’t such a lot of hypocrisy floating about.

As a piece of satire this may just have benefited from a bit of extra editing, but it still exposes something:

Nathan says:


I don’t know if you were reading during my anti-green crusade… but here are the archives.

Our local Greens candidate (who I interviewed for WebSalt) just tried to add me as a friend on Facebook.

Amy says:

Us Greenies are just as pushy as any other interest group :)

Mobile phone recycling isn’t hard to do – we have a bin for them at work and they’re all around the place.