Election Scorecard: Change, can we believe it?

The latest roundof election ads are out – the ALP has gone negative. They’re telling us that despite poll results the other guy – Lawrence Springborg – is not ready to lead us. 

Labor seems concerned. Government media releases (still being sent via Government distribution lists despite “caretaker mode” being in full swing) are consistently refering to the LNP as the Nationals. 

Springborg on the other hand is trying to claim the “change” mantra. I just saw an ad that pretty much ran with the “time for a change” motto. 

LNP: B+:  change + positivity + pointing at debt as an indicator of bad economic management are winners as we’ve seen in other elections (for example the US Presidential Election and last Townsville City Council election). 

ALP: C+: Uninspired rhetoric – except perhaps the ad where Anna Bligh acknowledges that a deficit is needed to fight recession. Brave. Also somewhat reckless in the face of poll results and the LNP’s relentless use of debt as a campaign issue. 

In other news – we are running a campaign on our website that emails candidates with respondents feelings on the Flinders Street Mall within a form letter. Clever hey. But Labor had the email addresses for Mandy Johnstone and Lindy Nelson-Carr wrong on their campaign page. They don’t even know how to spell Johnstone’s surname. Fail. D-.


Tim says:

What issues can you see it being fought on?
I’ve no idea what the actual or even idealogical difference between the two is anymore.

Amy says:

Brisbane seems to be being fought over the environmental credentials issue. Our electorate has trail bikes and something called the ‘green army’ (no idea) as the issues, and Mt Cootha obviously is all about the solar panels, which now I know the back story on is now both hilarious and extremely disheartening.

Tim says:

Fought may be too strong a term on it.

Amy says:

Okay, not fought. The only issue worth mentioning.
The rest is sort of ‘don’t mention the war’.

I guess Brisbane really isn’t the battleground on this one.