Ethical dilemma

Little sister number two asks:

How much money are you ok with keeping if you find it on the ground?



Misc. says:

I am ok with keeping $1. If i found 100 $1 coins, i guess i could keep each one of them…i am not sure if that policy would be kept if this number reached $1million, but that is simply because i don’t believe i’d have the capacity to pick up so many coins…

AnonAnon says:

it depends on the currency. If we are talking australian dollars i would probably keep $200. But for other currencies it would be:
$US 135.78
¥13,074.27 (I’m RICH!)
0.145 ounces of pirates gold (it really doesn’t seem that would get you far…)
and Z$ 769,248.82 (thats a lot of kwacha – and i think i would feel the most guilt for picking up that amount of money and keeping it. Also, i just think that kwacha is a great name for a currency)
$0 monopoly money. (The reason being: monopoly money is vital for the game, when i pass go i want $200 and i know other people do to. It would not be the same getting two hand-drawn $100 notes on reflex paper. So, if you didn’t hand in monopoly money regardless of its monetary amount SHAME ON YOU. There would be a small child at home missing out on buying Mayfair, getting to cry “rent please” and being glad with the result, not to mention getting their $10 for winning a beauty contest, or if its in the family rules collecting money when landing on free parking. Plus, think of the family feuds they are missing out on. Clearly if you find monopoly money you need to hand it over to the authorities – make the world a better place)

10 billion zimbabwe dollars