Feeding the masses

Wow. Today I have 43 feed subscribers. This number fluctuates pretty dramatically.

If you’re not a subscriber then maybe you should be if you don’t have a feed reader – try Google Reader on for size.

If you are a feed reader then maybe you should stop by the actual page sometime to see what’s happening in the comments.

Anyway, these are largely irrelevant observations tangential to the main purpose of this particular post.

I’m trying out FriendFeed today – it’s a social networking aggregator/platform/rival to Facebook or Twitter. It looks fun so far. It’s like Facebook without the bloat and Twitter with more content.

Is anyone else on it already? If you’re not and you want to see what FriendFeed looks like in action – here’s my page.

If you’re not it’s worth checking out – so far it’s got 57 sites that it appears to integrate with pretty seemlessly – and you can pull any custom RSS data into it too.

2 thoughts on “Feeding the masses”

  1. What do mean ‘Twitter with more content’? There’s too much content for me popping up all the time.. there’s some high level tweeters around, at least in music and opera..

    1. I mean Twitter with more than just status updates – and Facebook with less invitations to join causes I don’t care about.

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