Five essential skills for being a better husband

This is perilous territory, but I’m running out of areas to hand out my wisdom… But two years in I know everything there could possibly be to know… except the parenting stuff… I am being sarcastic by the way…

  1. Learn to say sorry, and mean it.
  2. Figure out the subtle non-nonverbal communication – when your wife says something and means another, or doesn’t say something in an ominous way.
  3. Learn to cook dinner (and to clean up).
  4. Learn your wife’s “love language” it sounds dumb, but this was a pretty helpful book.
  5. Learn that when your wife comes to you with a problem she doesn’t want an immediate solution, but rather someone who’ll listen.


Amy says:

I think a list of 5 things could never possibly be enough.

Mark says:

he didn’t say it was exhaustive

Amy says:

No, but we don’t want him getting complacent now, do we?

Andrew says:

Re: Number 4 – despite having vowed never to read a book with a number in the title, it was quite a helpful book and having discovered my wife’s love language has been really useful.

Amy says:

5 Love Languages should probably be given to every couple on their wedding day.

queenstuss says:

And then re-read when they have children.

Geoff says:

Those are some great tips.
Can’t say I am the most massive fan of the 5 love languages though. Good at face value, but some deeper thinking about what a heap of the examples in the book leaves you thinking that if you have an empty “love-tank” then thats a good reason to stop loving your spouse, or worse…

It doesnt say that implicitly, but the implications are definately there.. alot.. through the examples given throughout the book…

Just my two cents.. actually pretty helpful book as a whole though..