Five smooth criminals

Some criminals are clearly better motivated than others, and some clearly come with more ingenuity… but here are five funny crime stories from this week…

From here.

This guy robbed a woman and then went back to ask her out on a date…

This one’s actually pretty clever… a pair of street criminals in India have a nice little racket where one surreptitiously squirts poo on foreigners shoes in crowds – and the other runs a shoe shining business and points out his partner’s crime.

This guy is claiming innocence on some 37 speeding tickets because his monkey mask means police can’t definitively say that he’s behind the wheel.

One little piggy went to market, while this guy buried a gun in his fat rolls (Eglon style) and tried to smuggle it into prison.

And finally, this guy slipped a loaded gun into his pants and left the safety off. You’ll never guess what happened.