Foetal position

Ben just sent me a link to this ABC story where Tony Abbott attacked Kevin Rudd for allowing changes to Australia’s aid policy and aid money being used to fund abortions.

The comments thread is telling. These discussions always bring out the rabid atheists who want to accuse Christianity of “holding back society”… I do like it when they put together a coherent argument.

Like this:

“Lets not forget that the bible tells the story of how god drowned every living person except Jonah and his family because he was annoyed with them. So to say the bible condemns murder is a very selective interpretation.”

Sadly comments are closed. So I couldn’t point out that Jonah was the guy eaten by a whale and people were saved at the end of the Jonah story because they repented. Anyway. There’s a lot of stupid Christians in the debate too. But Coloru seems to be a pretty rabid atheist, he says:

“Wakeup! If you cant find god in your own heart and mind then it doesnt exist. The bible isnt going to help.*”

*lack of apostrophes his own.

This again highlights the atheist’s fundamental misunderstanding of the place of the bible in Christian faith. It’s central – not an afterthought. It’s the way we find God. And hands up Christians who can find God in their own heart and mind…

2 thoughts on “Foetal position”

  1. I spend a lot of time reading ABC stories/forums and comments, mainly ’cause that is the only thing that QHealth allows its workers to freely access and a very common theme is prevelent. People that comment on ABC take up Christian-bashing on nearly every subject that has the slightest relation to any belief mentioned. It seems to be the most commonly commented thing, with the same ill-informed (as highlighted by your blog) and fundamental bigoted comments are presented again and again and any one who presents a different opinon is almost agressively ‘put down’. I do wonder how accurate the comments reflect the thoughts of Australian society as a whole though?? Any thoughts :)

  2. It seems it is acceptable today to Christian-bash with abandon, but any other faith is off limits.

    Also, I think the people who comment on these sites usually are the most extreme, most ‘average’ people read and don’t want to get into the fight (as they will likely get mowed down).

    It occurs to me as well that deep down a large majority of people have a deep fear of Christianity – the whole ‘what if I am wrong’ thought, deep down inside. Tends to make them a wee bit tetchy and defensive.

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