How to fit in at a pentecostal church

Everyone knows, that apart from my wife, all the really good looking Christian girls go to pentecostal churches.

If you’re a young man hoping to lure a princess away from the Pentecostal Castle to a more moderately expressive church then you need to know how to fit in on your covert visits.

This video will help…

Via David Ould.


Queenstuss says:

That video made my day. I remember many many visits to other churches and church events in pursuit of eligible bachelors. I learnt many things going to churches where, as my mum said before I headed off to COC one night, they sing the same song over and over and then clap and cheer when they finally got it right.
But it goes both ways, I’ve had friends visit my church and not known what is going on.

st_eutychus says:

Are pentecostal guys hotter?

Didn't tonight involve a lot of the same song being sung over and over again?

I go to our church and sometimes don't know what's going on.

Queenstuss says:

No. At the time there was a very limited supply of eligible bachelors in my own church.

Yes, I agree. But not compared to a COC version of the same songs. I wasn’t necessarily happy with last night’s song list. But at this point in time I just play what I’m told to play.

Leah says:

I lured a guy away from a pentecostal church :P

I think the COC or AOG "singing the same song over and over" is filling half an hour with four songs.

Not quite the same level of what Willows might do.

Andrew says:

COC = Church of Chicks
AOG = Assembly of Girls

Reminds me of a Joel Hockey song "Thank God"