How to lose friends and alienate bloggers

  1. Find a blog/article about a topic you’re passionate about online.
  2. Barely read/comprehend the original post – just find key words and points that invoke your bloodlust.
  3. Get indignant.
  4. Post a comment about why the person is wrong.
  5. Only read the follow up comments that talk directly to your point.
  6. Argue with those comments using much hyperbolic subjectivity, little objectivity in order to demonstrate why you are right while continuing to ignore the context.
  7. Read back what you, and they wrote.
  8. Feel guilty.
  9. Post a contrite apology on that discussion and a list of things that alienate people so others will learn from your mistakes.
  10. Hope that the people from the other blog also read yours so that they see said list.


simone r says:

are we twins?

Just done that.

simone r says:

I’ve been known to write poem apologies.