I lost a friend today

I occasionally notice the number of friends I have on Facebook reducing. It hurts. Well, not really.

Today was one such occasion. I looked at the number and thought “I’m sure I had one more than that yesterday, which one of my casual acquaintances or school friends could possibly have unfriended me this time?”

I got offended for a millisecond, and then I remembered I unfriended someone yesterday who posted the same status over and over and over again for the last three weeks. It was someone I didn’t really know all that well. I met them once. I think. I feel no regret. Or grief.

That is all.

1 thought on “I lost a friend today”

  1. Hey, I get this too occasionally (when I actually notice), and usually I discover that it’s actually someone who shut down their account altogether (or wound it back to the bare minimum), so it wasn’t a targeted defriending. That makes me feel better. I think, how could I possibly be a facebook offence? It’s not like I update 13 times everyday, do seven hundred quizzes or play games? Anyway …

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