It’s the shirt Threadless rejects…

Threadless didn’t like my shirt. Apparently I didn’t use their template. And Apparently they don’t like to play around with other people’s characters and stuff… Well, stuff them.

I now have a store on CafePress. And you can buy your Future of Evolution shirt starting at a price of $21.50 (plus postage).

There are other cuts, colours and styles available through the store.

2 thoughts on “It’s the shirt Threadless rejects…”

  1. why is the mug so expensive? While I am on the topic of conplaining, why cant I post pictures in comments? I'm sure you are aware that pictures can be more persuasive than words. Also why can't I search for keywords in past bloggs? For example, I search for athesist expecting 100+ bloggs with athesist as a key word, but it just sends me to a page with the latest comments, links and tells me you are the #1 commenter on your own blogg followed by davemyers.

    1. You can post pictures in the comments. You need to use HTML. You can search for keywords, but your best bet is to use tags. There's a tag cloud in the footer featuring popular tags.

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