It’s the shirt Threadless rejects…

Threadless didn’t like my shirt. Apparently I didn’t use their template. And Apparently they don’t like to play around with other people’s characters and stuff… Well, stuff them.

I now have a store on CafePress. And you can buy your Future of Evolution shirt starting at a price of $21.50 (plus postage).

There are other cuts, colours and styles available through the store.


aaran says:

why is the mug so expensive? While I am on the topic of conplaining, why cant I post pictures in comments? I'm sure you are aware that pictures can be more persuasive than words. Also why can't I search for keywords in past bloggs? For example, I search for athesist expecting 100+ bloggs with athesist as a key word, but it just sends me to a page with the latest comments, links and tells me you are the #1 commenter on your own blogg followed by davemyers.

Nathan says:

You can post pictures in the comments. You need to use HTML. You can search for keywords, but your best bet is to use tags. There's a tag cloud in the footer featuring popular tags.