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For those who missed the news today – K-Rudd is giving something back to the workers of Australia. $950 a pop. The comrades in arms who have contributed to our time of economic prosperity. No doubt we’ll also be told to spend this cash to help stimulate the economy.

So now the question is “what to buy” – I wouldn’t mind spending it all on crappy USB products from Hong Kong… but can I suggest that if you want to make a positive contribution to reducing the abortion rate in Australia that you check out Free Money for New Lives a support service for mums who would otherwise have abortions.

The campaign was put together by a bunch of bible college students in Sydney and is a nice way for Christians to do something about the issue rather than picketing clinics where women are making pretty intense emotional decisions and are often close to psychological breaking point.

The group splits contributions between a couple of organisations. One aims to financially help mothers who want to keep their babies but are worried about the cost, and the other is a think tank – the Womens Forum Australia – that:

“works across the usual political and religious divides, to advocate for life affirming, pro-woman alternatives to abortion which would enhance women’s freedom to have their babies.”

In the end probably a much better cause than spending your money at “Brando” – which is a USB gadget seller based in Hong Kong. Spending your money off shore isn’t going to stimulate the economy at all anyway, so K-Rudd wouldn’t endorse that.

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  1. I hate the $950, I don’t agree with government handouts, but I like the cash. And also $950 taken off me, processed by the government and then dished back would be worth about $1250 of the original money taken off me.

  2. Yeah I tend to agree.
    I’d prefer them to spend my tax dollars on good infrastructure projects.
    Although I’m glad this money didn’t just go to those with offspring.
    I don’t think Julie Bishop has done anything to enhance coalition credibility with her endorsement of voodoo economics thought. The economic system so bad Ferris Bueller didn’t turn up to school to learn about it…

  3. I’m not convinced the plan will even work, really. All our money, which, including the last bonus, will equal MORE than we paid in tax last year, is going onto our loan. I suspect I’m not the only person doing that, and it really defeats the purpose.
    I am also happy that these handouts aren’t just going to people with children.

    1. Getting rid of debt isn’t a bad thing as far as the stimulus is concerned. I read that somewhere. They’d rather you do that than just socking it away in a savings account.

      Really, the point of the stimulus package is to create some business confidence – at the end of the day most of this crisis is in the mind.

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