Kick it to meme

Well, Anna from goannatree tagged me in a meme. Let me just say that I think meme is a stupid word. But I’ve never been tagged in a meme before – not even the stupid ones on Facebook. So I’ll do it. I have to: “share the titles and authors of 15 books that will stay with you, or have stayed with you. You are to write this list in less than 15 minutes.”

This will probably show me up as the trashy “pop culture” reader that I am… and I probably deserve it. Actually, I decided to pad out the list with impressive sounding books that I remember… I cheated really.

Sadly, other than the Bible, I really struggle to finish Christian books – they’re often hundreds of pages talking about an idea that could be summed up in a nice, concise, blog post.

Right, here goes.

  1. The Bible – well, that’s not trashy – author God, and various human agents.
  2. The Godfather – Mario Puzo.
  3. The Assassins trilogy – Robin Hobb.
  4. The Hollow Chocolate Bunnies of the Apocalypse – Robert Rankin.
  5. The Hobbit – Tolkien (I can remember as a child walking into Gould Books in Newtown – featured in Ben’s post yesterday and asking if they had Lord of the Rings by J R R R R Tolkien – which they did (without the extra Rs), and I bought it, sans cover and the cover was replaced with masking tape and a Coco Pops box – but the Hobbit was my first love).
  6. The Thursday Next series – Jasper Fforde.
  7. The Prince – Niccolo Machiavelli.
  8. 1984 – George Orwell.
  9. All of David Baldacci’s trashy airport novels.
  10. All of Conn Iggulden’s historical fiction books about Caesar and Genghis Kahn.
  11. The Daily Scribe – my first year journalism textbook.
  12. Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, Douglas Adams
  13. Almost everything by Ben Elton
  14. The Little Book of Bunny Suicides – Andy Riley
  15. I just read a great trilogy about assassins by Brent Weeks that I really enjoyed. They were almost unputtdownable. People who like Fantasy and enjoyed Robin Hobb’s Assassin series should check them out.

You are all now tagged. Feel free to put your list here in the comments – or on your own blog, but make sure you put a link to your post in said comments…


Goannatree says:

I think meme is a silly word too for the record!

Also, the bible is a given on mine – it sort of transcends such lists!

I don’t think your list is trashy at all either…

Nathan says:

It’s not trashy because I cheated. I read The Prince. Because I was going to write a mafia novel. And I wanted my Godfather character to be a ruthless Machiavellian puppeteer.
I put 1984 because I just read someones review of it and I thought “oh yeah, 1984 was awesome”.

It’s really that I didn’t have any good Christian books (other than the Bible) to include on the list. I’m a little ashamed about that, because I own a lot. They just sit on my shelf.

Amy says:

There’s some good stuff on them there list…

Just because a book isn’t ‘Christian’ doesn’t mean it can’t have meaning/great stuff in it. Same as for music.

Jasper Fforde really needs to hurry up and write the next Thursday Next book. Have you read his Nursery Crime series. That is also awesome.

Maybe the Brent Weeks liking is a boy thing. Tim loved them but I read it and found the writing awful. Not a patch on Robin Hobb (whose new book is pretty awful I must say).

Oh yes, I like books. I need to do this meme.