Losing your edge

It’s been ages since I last paid out U2 and their myriad fans. This little rant is Ben’s fault, well, more correctly it’s Warren the word over-use watchdog’s fault. Warren doesn’t like the word edgy – because edgy people/groups/things don’t need to proclaim their edgyness. As soon as they apply the label they lose their edgyness. Immediately.

Which brings me to this guy:

Surely he’s now about as edgy as James Blunt and should consider a more appropriate sobriquet. As Warren would say:

“But as soon as you drop the ‘E’ word, you’ve set yourself up for a fall, and you sound like your daggy uncle saying ‘I really like to get jiggy and bust a move to 50 cent, dog, for real’. Not good.”


Mark says:

I’m highly cynical about any adjectives (and the occasional verb) used in software naming as well. Any product that feels it needs a positive image using “Smart/Opti” prefix or “Works” suffix is immediately suspect.
Marketers (particularly software) needing to prop up a brand in this way should think again.

Amy says:

Marketers often don’t have a choice – clients can be very insistent. Especially when dodgy names and/or fonts are in the running.

Amy says:

I’ve always wondered what is under the beanie. I suspect robotics…

Poor The Edge. He did some good work. I like any name with a ‘the’ at the beginning. It reminds me of The Cheat.

By the way, he wears the beanie because if he takes it off he pretty much just looks like your high school science teacher.

Nathan says:

Who’s that giving Strong Bad a hand? The Edge. The Edge. Who’s making out with Marzipan… The Edge. The Edge.

Amy says:

Robotics would have been far more exciting.