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  1. You believe the mythology or a tribe of Bronze Age savages mixed with Ancient Roman Paganism and shaped by early Modern Age European politics to be real.

    1. It is not smug to point that out, it’s a fact Sparky.

    2. It doesn’t matter who you direct this nonsense to, it is still nonsense.

    3. It is not complex, there are no such things as gods, not the Roman, not the Greek, not the Norse, not the Aztec’s and certainly not yours. It would be complex if there were evidence but there isn’t. Quite the opposite, simple enough to slice with a certain razor in fact.

    4. You should admit that you don’t understand the scientific method and I suggest you take a look around at our world where science has worked actual miracles. Walking on water? What use is that? We walked on The Moon.

    5. Try and deal with the fact that just because a million or a billion silly people think a silly thing that doesn’t make it any less silly. Millions of Germans (and others) thought Hitler was super cool. Millions of people think Celine Dion makes a pleasant sound. Millions of people think that our problems are caused by alien ghosts and that L Ron Hubbard knew the way to cure it.

    You like your religion because it means there is a universe creating omnipotent being who shares your political and cultural beliefs looking out for you. And when you die he’s going to reward you with everything you’ve ever wanted. So anything that could possibly dissuade you of this delusion must be avoided at all costs, even reality.

  2. Hey Nathan, just discovered that you’ve got a new name for the blog (very nice!) and read through that rather funny thread. Reminds me of all those scenes in movies where someone screams “I am calm!”.

  3. I fear PZ is getting too big for others to now cope if they are linked by him. Does show he is doing something right though.

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