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The perils of popularity

You may have noticed that my blog goes down occasionally. Hightek Hosting, my shared webhost, is a pretty awesome hosting company – and it turns out I’ve been causing headaches for all the other people on my server.

Here’s an email I received from the host today – my server’s name is Zeus.

Thanks to some smart and watchful technicians overnight, it appears that we’ve finally tracked down the cause of the constant Zeus Up/Down issues…and unfortunately, yes, it is your site causing them.

Basically, in short, your site fired up a bucketload of apache services and obviously fired them all at MySQL, causing an astronomincal load increase to the point of which we basically have to reboot the server to get it back online.

Now, I don’t know what a lot of that jargon means – but in short, I’m too popular for my own good.

Back in business

Well, I thought I was gone for a while. But I’m back. Cause for celebration? Perhaps.

Here’s a brief summary of what happened which may be particularly useful if you’ve googled “What happened to Dedicatedhost.net.au” or dedicatedhost.net.au in order to find this post.

My previous host – the aforementioned dedicatedhost.net.au appears to have collapsed – taking client’s money and running, not returning phone calls, having emails bounce and having their own site go down in the process. And leading to a Whirpool thread and Webhostingtalk.com.au thread speculating about the reasons behind the demise.

After spending a fair bit of Friday and Saturday worrying about the hours of work I’d poured down the drain by not backing up my content regularly I had resigned myself to losing all of my content (except the stuff in Google Reader – who’s laughing at me for subscribing to my own blog now hey…). Then, a glimmer of hope, DedicatedHost.net.au shared server space with another hosting provider in Melbourne (HighTek hosting – who have been absolutely fantastic through this “ordeal”) who could access content on the box and transfer it to their plans.

Unfortunately my site wasn’t on the Melbourne servers – but HighTek Hosting were able to initiate a transfer of the content using cpanel. That’s all technical language (not completely but it’s not English either) for saying I have my site back thanks to HighTek Hosting. At a discounted rate on the basis of dedicatedhost.net.au’s stuff ups.

So I’m back. And ready to fill your feed readers or internet browsing time with all the coffee, stupid gadgets and pseudo political commentary I can produce in my spare moments at work.

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