Pottering around

While I was thinking about the whole PK issue the other day I was struck by a comparison that I’ve thought of in the past but not, until now, documented.

Being a PK is just like being Harry Potter. Hogwarts is the broader church, the houses within Hogwarts are either the different types of people within a congregation or representative of multiple denominations. Atheists are muggles, and people who come to faith from outside of Christian homes are “mudbloods” according to some of the less tolerant members of the church – obviously only the nasties. (this actually closely reflects some comments I’ve heard from people who come into the church from other backgrounds).

So being a PK is like being a child of promise – and you rock up to Hogwarts and all the faculty know you by reputation and have expectations.

I promise this will be the last time (for a while) that I mention Harry Potter. But it seems a valid meta interpretation of the world in which the wizards operate.

What say you?

Also, the picture at the top comes from this great article about how Christendom has suddenly decided that Harry Potter is OK because they’ve figured he’s a messianic figure with plenty of plot allusions to Christ.


Joel says:

Proud to say I’ve never read or seen any Harry Potter stuff. Not because I disagree with it. Because it’s about a young boy with a magic wand – it’s just not that exciting.

Nathan says:

I won’t post this as a post on the main page – because it’s rude – but there’s a fascinating little experiment on Bash.org where someone substitutes the “d” in wand with a “g” and then reproduces passages from the novel. It’s quite a fascinating little insight into another potential meta narrative.

Leah says:

I think the person on bash.org nicked it from elsewhere… it’s been pretty popular for years.

“Being a PK is just like being Harry Potter”. As soon as you said that, all the parallels fell into place in a split-second… I’m such a HP nerd :P haha.

And people who say “it’s just about a young boy with a wand” are just demonstrating their lack of Harry Potter education :P

Nathan says:

It has been on Bash for years. At least since my second year of uni when I discovered Bash.