Premier League: Same Same, but different

The Premier League kicked off over the weekend. Which is awesome. It is by far my favourite sporting competition in the world. This year’s competition has the added complexity of another team bankrolled by people who place no real value on money.

When Roman Abramovich took over Chelsea a couple of years ago they were tipped to take over the world thanks to a seemingly bottomless pit of money. That experiment hasn’t proved to be particularly successful – they’ve won more than they used to. But Manchester United, thanks to some astute signings of young players who were then groomed into superstars, are world beaters. They’ve won the Premier League three years in a row, along with a bunch of other trophies.

This year it’s Manchester City making a big splash in the transfer market thanks to money from an Arabian oil conglomerate/Abu Dhabi royalty.

Man U enjoyed a win over the weekend. But they lost the earlier Charity Shield on penalties. Patrice Evra, one of United’s backs, was injured in the match by a terrible tackle.

My Premier League prediction for the year is for more of the same. The top five will no doubt be Manchester United, Liverpool, Arsenal, Chelsea and Manchester City.

Sadly, and this is the point of my rather long winded preamble – the Fox Sports reporters were unable to distinguish two of Manchester United’s players. Despite Nani having his name clearly emblazoned on his back.


Kutz says:

I truly enjoyed the first day of this season. :)

Nathan says:

Yeah, the Gunners were pretty impressive. But they’ll lose a few players to injury about halfway through the season and fall apart. Sadly, they’ll probably be on top of the table when that happens.

Kutz says:

Yeah, they’re a bunch of glass-jaws, unfortunately. :s

My dad reckons arsenal should buy Anderson. He may not be world-class, but arsenal need a midfield maniac, so he says. Maybe your treatment room needs a nice Rosicky ornament? We could do a trade.