Report Card

The astute followers out there may have noticed that it has been a whole day since I’ve updated my report timer. There’s a good reason I haven’t updated it. It’s the same reason I was able to nap yesterday afternoon for two hours, go to the movies today and appear in public without the fear of getting grumpy at somebody for no particular reason. Those dreaded reports are finished! And I think we’ve come through relatively unscathed.

Here’s a little summary of how they went. I’ve done it in list form, as that seems to be the way things are done around here.

  1. 72.5 hours works out very neatly to be 2.5 hours per child. I didn’t plan that.
  2. Of the 72.5 hours spent on writing reports, approximately 62 of them were spent outside of work hours.*
  3. These extra hours were typically spent on four nights of the week. I tried to have a little bit of balance in order to retain my sanity. It almost worked.
  4. I did not receive “overtime” for those hours or take them as time off in lieu.
  5. Typical report writing activities included; designing report criteria, setting assessments, marking assessments, analysing assessments and class work, grading students, writing comments and data input.
  6. Report writing activities completed, but not included in the report timer, were; individual conferencing with students (approximately 8 hours), testing students, moderating, collaborating with other teachers and editing with my Head Of Department.
  7. Hours 1-2 were a little bit more fun than the rest because I was planning and organising things. I like planning and organising.
  8. Hours 2-30 were completed because of my diligent work ethic.
  9. Hours 30 – 50 were survived by listening to and enjoying classical music while I worked.
  10. Somewhere around hour 50 was my birthday. Happy birthday to me, and a number of my friends. I enjoyed my almost surprise party very much.
  11. Hours 50 – 60 were not fun.
  12. Around hour 60 I had a bit of an emotional break down. There’s something about sitting at home writing reports on a Friday afternoon that isn’t so fun.
  13. Hours 60 – 70 were completed because my husband was especially thoughtful and encouraging.
  14. Hours 70 – 72 were completed because I could see the light. And because I really wanted a weekend free of report writing.

There you have it. The reports haven’t actually been approved yet. That process can take a day or it can take three weeks. I really hope it’s the former. For those of you who are parents out there, I’m expecting to see a few framed report cards hanging on your living room wall. They cost a lot.

* By outside of work hours, I generally mean from 5pm onwards. My school day typically lasts from 7.30am – 4.30pm. As my teaching load remains exactly the same during report writing season, so do my hours.


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Sarah says:

I'm glad you're finished. I just breathed a sigh of relief for you!

Looking forward to visiting next week!