Reporting for duty

I’ve put together a few tips for helping husbands/wives to survive the report writing process.

For the report writer.

1. Balance your time. We all know that report writing isn’t fun for you, but don’t forget that it’s no fun for your spouse either. Make sure you spend some quality time with them as well.

2. Encourage your spouse to use some of his/her free time to do the things he/she enjoys but you don’t. For Nathan it’s playing playstation.

3. Don’t slack off on your commitments. Again, this has to do with the balance thing. Fair enough, don’t take on any extra commitments, but don’t slack off on the ones you’ve already committed to.

4. 80% is good enough. I haven’t mastered this one yet but I’m trying. Apparently the theory is that near enough is good enough. We don’t have to be perfect all of the time.

5. Sleep and eat properly. This goes without saying.

For the spouse…

1.  Be patient and understand that the work needs to be done at home and outside of regular work hours.

2. By flowers and chocolate. Frequently.

3. Try to provide a healthy dose of perspective.

4. Be prepared to get your hands dirty and do some marking.

5. Find something to occupy yourself for 72 hours. Nathan recommends a PS3.


queenstuss says:

Or 172 hours in our house… Okay, maybe a slight exaggeration, but it has been every single night and all weekend for three weeks straight. And still not finished. I've reached the end of my patience! But, hey, we get 7 weeks off soon. There is a trade off.
I did actually do some marking this time round. I marked some spelling tests. After my husband painstakingly explained to me how to mark spelling tests, I gently reminded him that I, too, used to mark spelling tests as part of my job. There is now a pile of reports on the dining table that I'm supposed to be proofing. Hooray.

queenstuss says:

Just to clarify, I do actually like my husband and very much appreciate that he goes out to work and that I don't have to. And I am very much looking forward to the holidays.
And my pile of reports to proof isn't there anymore.

simone r says:

well done robyn. I've been telling teachers at all the schools I work at about your report writing timer. You are famous.