Saturday night television

We’re having a night in tonight. Tomorrow night we’re heading up the Paluma range to the much celebrated Hidden Valley Cabins. Australia’s first carbon neutral, solar powered tourism operator. I guess staying there is like buying a carbon indulgence. We should probably turn the aircon down a couple of degrees. We’ve got friends coming to town from Sydney and I’m taking Monday off. That will be nice. 

I have left my coffee machine on all day – so that’s churned out the carbon. 

My sermon is done. I think. I haven’t printed it yet so there’s always time for revisions. Robyn is playing poker on Facebook – and for some reason two of us playing simultaneously seems to kill its performance. .

So I find myself faced with Saturday’s incredibly lacklustre lineup of television programming. I remember a time when Saturday was the be all and end all of TV scheduling. I am probably biased in Saturday’s favour base on my parent’s obsession with The Bill.

3 thoughts on “Saturday night television”

  1. Don’t knock “Jaws” mate – that mechanical shark has probably inspired more mass fear than any other fictional character I can think of. Every other killer animal movie is second-rate. He deserves some respect for that. Not that I’m watching it of course. I’m actually “working” on my sermon for next week too.

    Thought I would masculinise the comments section.

  2. But do you also remember when Wednesday night always had a movie? I think Sunday night is the prime programming time now. Not that there is much to watch in prime programming.

  3. I was channel flicking today and one program was a competition to see who could paint a wall the fastest. Are our lives really that sad that this kind of garbage can make it to television?

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