Ship to shore

Just for the record – I agree with Amy – I’m glad the young Australian sailing girl seeking to break the world record didn’t tragically drown… but really, crashing your boat on the first day of a significant attempt to prove your sailing mettle? Better stick to, well, anything else really.

Also, does anyone else remember the show Ship to Shore? With Hermes the bald bad guy, and the red headed protagonist? Kelvin? It was funny. I laughed. I can still remember the theme song.


queenstuss says:

That show was the first thing I thought of when I read your title!

Leah says:

Ditto to Stuss’s comment. Ship to Shore was awesome. I know someone who grew up in the town on the mainland (ie. not the island the show was based on, but the mainland town it’s linked to). It was also the first time I came in contact with the idea of an island being connected to mainland with a bridge. I thought that was pretty awesome.