Shirt of the Day: New contender for worst hobby ever

Have you heard of geocaching – or perhaps even dabbled in the hobby?

It’s probably slightly lower on the hobby scale than metal detecting… there’s no promise of riches. Just the promise of other people’s trash.

Here’s a shirt that pretty much sums up the issue.


Andrew says:

hehe… that's pretty funny, though I did actually enjoy it when I did it. We wouldn't otherwise have visited Edmond Barton's grave, or found a little waterfall-bushland-reserve in Bondi Junction. Doing it at Southbank, however, does make one feel a little like a terrorism suspect.

Fett101 says:

You seem to be missing the point. As the often overused phrase goes, "Life is a Journey, not a Destination"

Great shirt – shall have to get one, because it's something that I've got into since getting a phone with built in GPS. You've got an iPhone – you should give it a try (

Looking for the t-shirt that says 'I use cold war military technology because I don't know how to read a map'.