Snug as a bug in a hug

Everybody likes a hug. Except people who have phobias about physical contact or an overdeveloped sense of personal space.

Sometimes hugging for long periods of time can be taxing. Sometimes it’s not geographically possible. Which leaves the huggy (as opposed to hugger) feeling down.

Here’s some hug help.

For adults.

For babies

That’s called “the Zaky”. Here’s a blurb… if you’re curious…

“f you’ve ever wished for a hand to leave behind so that your baby would feel as if you’ve never left the room, your prayers have been answered with the Zaky.

The Zaky is an ergonomic infant pillow designed by a mom to mimic the size, weight, touch, and feel of her hand and forearm to help her baby with comfort, support, protection, and development. The Zaky can help calm your baby and help your baby sleep better through the night.”

And then there’s those of us looking for someone to be hugged by. Perhaps every town needs one of these

It’s an anonymous “hugging” wall. Because lets face it, having a long haired hippy run up and hug you on the street isn’t for everybody.


queenstuss says:

Your link was a poor representation of what the Zaky is for. It was actually designed for premature babies, because research has shown that babies born prematurely do better if they are held.

Nathan says:

I’m not sure that’s fair. The first four or five paragraphs on the product page describe exactly the use I suggested. It acknowledges that the original purpose was for premmy babies but suggests that the utility value of the object is greater than first thought.

queenstuss says:

I don’t know, I sort of read it as – hey if your baby doesn’t sleep well and is causing you to loose out of living your life, help is at hand.

Maybe I’m not being fair because I’m a bit of cranky puss today in regards to attitudes to parenting. Read my blog later today for my whinge.

Nathan says:

I would have described the tone of my post as broadly facetious in any case.

queenstuss says:

yeah, I know that. I was commenting out of my reaction to facetiousness about a really valuable invention that was portrayed differently.

queenstuss says:

not that the link didn’t describe it as valuable, but it really underplayed that.

Nathan says:

I did run it with a quote from their website.

Do you think the first pillow – the man hug – is equally valuable?

queenstuss says:

It was the quote that sent me looking at the link, because I’ve read about the Zaky before. I’m sure there is value in the man hug thing, but the value in the Zaky is that it helps vulnerable babies through the weeks of their life that they should still be safely curled up in their mother’s womb. Not in just feeling warm and snuggly.

Nathan says:

That’s a pretty niche market. I’m not surprised Zaky have broadened their targets – and I’d say their targets now include the “warm and snuggly” market.

queenstuss says:

I’m not surprised either, and the other places that I’ve read about it are selling it for the ‘warm and snuggly’ market. But with a little less emphasis on ‘now you can put your baby to bed and not have to cuddle them yourself if they are crying’.

queenstuss says:

okay, i’ve vented and feel much better now…

aren’t those hands around that baby adorable!