So that’s how these things work

I’ve wondered what it is that makes Macs cool. I think it might be that they’re powered by guinea pigs.

I’m not sure how they fit them into the laptops…

Actually, this makeshift animal cage is pretty cool. I’ve always wanted to turn an old TV into a fish bowl. But it’s really dangerous. There are things in old cathode ray TVs that can kill you. Apparently. Anyway, kudos to Ali who worked valiantly to find something on the internet that I hadn’t posted before…


Ali says:

Now that I have reached such a great height, I might quit while I’m ahead … :)

I was hoping for something more slurring about Macs, just because they seem to be that untouchable thing (and I don’t have one), but this’ll do …

(I found the Billy bookcase index, as in the Big Mac index, only it was Ikea bookshelves, but I didn’t know if that made the cut …).

Nathan says:

I would have been right with you on the slurring thing – until we bought Macs this year.

They’re so nice it’s easy to see why they have the fan base they do.